VC Administration Services Limited (VCASL) is a  fund/management administration and investment service provider, specialized in providing various support to venture capital funds and their portfolio companies, including due diligence, legal documentation, management services, administration, accounting and other functions.

VCASL also makes direct investments in select venture-backed companies.


VCASL can provide a total set of services for venture capital funds and portfolio companies.

VCASL is able to not only provide multifaceted services but also works closely with teams to develop solutions for their specific needs for an effective framework of fund operation and portfolio company management, and to support fund administration and management services in a wide range of functions.

At VCASL we offer a comprehensive range of fund administration, due diligence, legal, investment and management services to meet the specific needs of our clients and fulfill their objectives. Our goal is, and always will be, to deliver a full package of services to clients needing expert, individual attention rather than an off-the-shelf products.




We provide cash management support, including cash in/out flow procedure and management including drawdown for investments, as well as overall cash flow management including cash balance monitoring, investable cash monitoring and capital call planning.

We offer a full range of management, investment and administration services. We deliver timely and accurate information combined with detailed analysis, enabling our clients to manage their businesses regardless of complexity.



We prepare periodical fund management reports, based on appropriate accounting standards and fund policies, and can provide:

    •  Accounting entries

    • Trade record management

    • Profit interest and distribution calculations

    • Preparation of fund accounts

    • Correspondence with auditors



VCASL can also provide the following value-added services as well, including:

    •  Preparing and issuing capital call notices and reporting to LPs;

    • Support for audit and tax filings;

    • Support for compliance related to fund management;

    • Due diligence, including financial modeling; 

    • Interim management as well as full=-service consulting services;

    • Comprehensive legal services for investment documentation; and

    • Direct, value-added investing.


If you are interested in any of our fund administration,

management/investment services or

are a venture-backed company seeking investment,

please provide your details and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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